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Try NutraSweet Natural™, the Perfect Zero Calorie Sweetener. Made with simple and natural ingredients for a sweeter healthier life.

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Clean & sustainable ingredients that deliver a "just-like-sugar" taste.

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Backed by 250 years of tradition

Stevia is a South American plant, native to Paraguay. It has been used to sweeten tea and other beverages for centuries due to its exceptional sweet taste. With modern innovation, we have discovered new parts of the stevia plant that provide "just-like-sugar" sweetness that tastes delicious. Only sugar tastes as good!

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some recipes to try out

Dalgona Coffee, NutraSweet Natural™ , healthy
NutraSweet Natural™, Thai Tea, Stevia, Low Calories, healthy
NutraSweet Natural™, Chai Tea, Stevia, Low Calories, healthy
Discover a new way to sweeten with NutraSweet Natural™, the next-generation zero-calorie stevia sweetener made to satisfy your sweet cravings while supporting a healthier lifestyle.
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