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Our Story

Mindfulness matters when it comes to Mother Nature. Many of the natural products we use in our everyday lives are made by plants, which use sunlight, water, and land to produce them. These products are created through cultivation which leads to serious depletion of our natural resources. We recognize that nature is not infinite. This principle became our inspiration to develop NutraSweet Natural™. Our processes utilize sustainable practices, which preserve the planet’s resources while meeting the consumer's desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. The result is the perfect natural sweetener with a taste that matches sugar; with all the sweetness and none of the guilt. 

What makes our Stevia sweetener different?

ALL of the SWEETNESS and NONE of the aftertaste. 

The stevia plant has many parts that all impart sweetness. Some of these parts used in other sweeteners, deliver sweetness but leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Our goal was 100% Great-Tasting Sweetness! We set out to identify and use only the parts of the stevia leaf that create “just-like-sugar” sweetness without the aftertaste. We call this NutraSweet Natural™, The Perfect Sweetener! 

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NutraSweet Natural™ is Sweet Perfection. It is 100% natural with a "just-like-sugar" taste. The delicious taste is also good for you as it has ZERO calories to support your healthier lifestyle. 

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Simply Natural

NutraSweet Natural™ is 100% natural and 100% simple. It is made with just two simple and all-natural ingredients. Nothing else is needed to make The Perfect Sweetener.  Only sugar tastes as good!

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NutraSweet Natural™ is made with clean and natural ingredients

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